About GLAC

What is GLAC?

GLAC is the annual conference of the Society for German Linguistics (SGL), the largest and most active organization in North America to serve the broad community of scholars teaching and researching in German Linguistics and Philology. GLAC brings together scholars of the German language from across the globe every year for two days of enriching discussions.

GLAC 2023

Traditionally, the primary aim of GLAC has been to promote the advancement of linguistic inquiry, but this year, the conference also seeks to address recent pedagogical concerns, including decolonizing the German classroom, involving students in research projects, and alternative career options, in order to optimize German language research, teaching and learning.

Papers submitted to GLAC 2023 may focus on any linguistic or philological aspect of any historical or modern Germanic language or dialect, including English (to the Early Modern period) and the extraterritorial varieties. Papers from the full range of linguistic and philological subfields, as well as differing theoretical perspectives, are welcome. Abstracts submitted to GLAC will be reviewed anonymously. 

For any inquiries, email GLAC2023@ucalgary.ca